Thursday, September 7, 2017

Santa Barbara Style

On our recent anniversary getaway to the California coast, Scott and I had a chance to visit my favorite SB store, Rooms + Gardens.  While I was busy looking for pretty, shiny things to bring home, he was chatting it up with the staff like they were old companions.  He had actually met them on a previous visit to State Street when he surprised me with a gift from their shop :)  They were so sweet to remember him.
Doesn't this vignette look like a warm hug?  Look at that mix of pattern play... if you're a fan of  Kathryn Ireland and/or Peter Dunham, you'll be happy to find their textile lines here.
And if I look slightly bewildered in the pic above, it's due to their dazzling arrangements of blue + white china, sea glass beads, and English arm chairs wrapped in Peter Dunham prints.  When I arrived at the counter with my little baubles and beads, I told them I really wanted to buy out the whole shop (but that'd have to wait 'til next time) 😉.  So. Much. Fun.  More to share in upcoming posts...

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