Friday, September 8, 2017

Meatballs for Dinner

Today I snooped around in the freezer and pantry, and voilà... 

Turkey Meatballs Alfredo | Steamed Rice | Sweet White Corn

Satisfying and simple.  Sometimes I miss the routine of preparing daily meals, the joy of seeing multiple dishes bubbling on the stove simultaneously.  I'm definitely entering a new season of life with my husband.  Our girls are grown and there is more time for exploring "other interests" (or responsibilities), ie: eating out or picking up take out or eating out. :)
One of my fondest childhood memories was hearing my mom's easy hum as she moved around in our tiny kitchen, her favorite place.  And, it's because of Mom that I love seeing food bubble in a pot, but yay for getting the freedom to schedule meals more loosely now.  Hands in the air.

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